PokemonGO hunting by My Limo Perth

Limo Hire Perth PokemonGo Hunting

Perth streets have been taken over by Pokemon, large parties of Pokemon Hunters are gathering to hunt and catch the Pokemon. They have even appeared in our limousine showroom as well as on the hired limo services. Charmander was first found inside the limousine whilst it was being detailed, it was a very surprising appearance! Then, the next morning whilst the driver was providing a chauffeur driven winery tour service in the Swan Valley, the Pikachu appeared on the Red Carpet with the guests as they were about to enter the stretch limousine. The chauffeur driver was about to take some photos of the guests on their smartphones when one of the guests noticed Pikachu.

The Pokemon are spread over the entire Perth metropolitan area with hotspots of large quantities and rare Pokemon in certain locations. Below is a list of some of the north of the river, south of the river and central Perth locations that they have been identified as lurking.

Stretch limousine services are in demand to chauffeur guests to the most sought after PokemonGo locations as at least ten players at once can hunt for Pokemon as well as collect loot from the Pokestops in safety. Players can relax and enjoy the limousine service whilst the driver ensures the safety of the guests as well as other road users.My Limo Hire Perth on a PokemonGo Hunt during a Swan Valley Winery Tour

Kings Park is one of the most popular destinations for the charter limousine services as guests collect their Pokemon. As Fraser avenue has a low driving speed limit, this allows the guests Pokemon eggs in the incubators to continue to clock up kilometres. The stretch limousine driver safely drives through the limo through the Kings Park precinct and the guests can exit the limousine where necessary.

Mylimo Perth are currently providing stretch limousine services to in a fun and safe environment and chauffeur groups up to 16 guests at any time. The stretch limousine tour includes a fully stocked bar of soft-drinks, spring-waters and ice as well as music vids. You can connect your own device to the bluetooth system if you wish to as well! Contact us if you would like to book a stretch limousine PokemonGo hunting tour on 0415 419 212.

PokemonGo Locations – North of the River

Abra – Ockley Square, Embleton
Beedrill – Clarkson Train Station Diglett – Maylands Peninsula
Dodrio –  Sorrento Beach
Eevee –  Clarkson Train Station
Exeggcute -Sorrento Beach
Fearow – Birket Street, Dianella
Grimer – Clarkson Primary School
Jigglypuff – Highview Park, Nedlands
Kangaskhan – Nguygen Phat Market Girrawheen
Koffing – Woolworths Ballajura
Magmar – Morley Galleria
Oddish – Josephine Park, Alexander Heights
Pidgeot – Butler Train Station
Pidgeotto – Kingsway Shopping Centre
Pidgey – Everywhere
Pinsir – Sorrento Beach
Porygon – King Fisher Park, Ballajura
Sandshrew – Alexander Heights Park Scyther – Butler Train Station
Slowpoke – Maylands Peninsula
Spearow – King Fisher Park, Ballajura
Squirtle – Hillarys Boat Harbour
Squirtle – Highview Park, Nedlands
Starmie – Wrigley Reserve, Wrigley Street, Dianella
Staryu – King Fisher Park, Ballajura
Venonat – Kingsway Shopping Centre
Wigglytuff – Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre

PokemonGo Locations – South of the River

Bulbasaur – Matilday Bay Reserve
Butterfree – Canning Vale Markets, Bannister Rd
Doduo – Cockburn Train Station
Dratini – Point Peron, Rockingham
Drowzee – Rotary park, Esplanade
Drowzee – Mangles Bay, Point Peron Rd, Peron
Gastly – Murdoch University, Bush Court
Golbat – Bull Creek Train Station
Haunter – Curtin University, Bentley
Jigglypuff – High View Park, Redlands
Jigglypuff – Murdoch Train Station Jinx – Piney Lake Reserve, Winthrop
Kakuna – Port Kennedy Memorial Park
Kingler – Minawarra Park, Armadale.
Machop – Sedges Grove, Canning Vale
Meowth – Curtin University, Bentley
Meowth – Cnr Albany Highway and Cecil Ave
Nidoran (f) – Como Hotel
Nidoran (m) – Waikiki Foreshore, Warnbro Beach Rd
Nidorino – Clarkson Train Station
Omanyte – St John’s Church, Fremantle
Paras – Curtin University, Bentley
Pidgey – Everywhere
Pinsir – Near Cannington Train Station
Poliwhirl – Veterans Memorial Park, Timaru Close, Port Kennedy
Polywag – Curtin University, Bentley
Psyduck – Piney Lake Reserve, Winthrop
Spearow – Bull Creek Train Station
Venomoth – Veterans Memorial Park, Timaru Close, Port Kennedy
Weedle – Bull Creek Train Station
Weezing – Carousel Shopping Centre, near Target
Zubat – Everywhere

PokemonGo Locations – Central Perth Area

Bellsprout – East Perth Tafe and Royal Street
Charmander – Shafto Lane, Perth
Clefairy – Kings Park, West Perth
Dratini – Belltower, Barrack Square
Ekans – King Street, Perth
Electabuzz – East Perth Riverfront, Arden St
Geodude – Supreme Court Gardens
Golduck – East of belltower, on the footpath near the river Growlithe – Hay St (David Jones)
Hitmonchan – Kings Park, West Perth
Hitmonlee – Kings Park, West Perth
Krabby – East Perth Tafe and Royal Street
Electabuzz – East Perth Riverfront
Lickitung – Langley Park, Perth
Magikarp – East Perth Tafe and Royal Street
Metapod – Queens Gardens, East Perth
Pikachu – Power Plant
Poliwag – East Perth Tafe and Royal Street
Ponyta – Supreme Court Gardens, Perth
Rattata – Supreme Court Gardens, Perth

Seel – East of the belltower, on the footpath near the river Tangela Langley Park, Perth
Tentacool – Perth underground station, Mandurah platformPerth foreshore
Vulpix – East Perth Waterfront, near Arden St and Claisebrook Cove, under the bridge Voltorb – Near Elizabeth Quay,


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